Transition from Birth to Three Services to Early Childhood Education

The school district works closely with the Birth to Three system to ensure the effective transition from one service delivery system to the other when children requiring special education and related services reach school age.  In accordance with Connecticut statutes and regulations, a transition plan is developed to support the transition to preschool services provided by the school district.  The transition plan is contained in the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).  School district staff attend IFSP meetings when invited.  The transition plan must be in place at least 90 days prior to the child’s third birthday.  The school district must ensure that an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is in place by the child’s third birthday, for each child eligible for special education and related services.

Transition Meeting: The Birth To Three service coordinator contacts the Early Childhood staff to schedule a transition meeting. The team members for this conference consist, at the minimum, of the child’s parent(s), service coordinator, representative of the current Birth to Three team, and a local education agency representative.

Planning & Placement Team Meeting (PPT): The Ledyard Public Schools Early Childhood Team will schedule a meeting with the family and Birth to Three team no later than the month prior to the child’s third birthday to determine appropriate programming to take place by the child's third birthday. Required participants are the child’s parent(s), the service coordinator, a representative of the child’s current program provider, and a special educator. This meeting is for reviewing assessments, determining eligibility for services, and developing an IEP (if appropriate).


Evaluations may be recommended following Child Find Screening or Transition meeting. These evaluations may include developmental skills, speech/language, fine motor, gross motor, and/or school psychological evaluation. The team may also request a copy of the child’s current hearing and vision screening, and a developmental history.  All evaluations require parent consent, and remain confidential.  Evaluations are free to Ledyard resident children referred for evaluations following Child Find or Transition Meetings.

Individual Educational Program (IEP)

The IEP components consist of a written description of the child’s present level of educational performance, goals and objectives, service plan, statement of placement in the least restrictive environment, and consent of parents. Preschool services available include special education, speech/language therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, School psychologist, transportation, and possible outside agency support.  Any services are based on the needs of the child and determined by the IEP team members. Parents are afforded specific rights under special education law in CT.  To learn more about the Individual Educational Program and parent rights, please refer to Procedural Safeguards Parent handbook (July, 2011) or visit


Confidentiality of student records is an essential component of the legal rights granted to students by education law. All personal information, evaluations and special education records are kept in locked cabinets. Please be aware that staff cannot discuss information about other students in the program with you. Any written records that are shared with other agencies require the parent’s written consent.