The Ledyard School Readiness STARS Preschool is dedicated to helping children develop to their fullest potential. All curriculum aligns with the CT Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) which outlines the skills children should be demonstrating from birth to age five.

Teachers plan learning experiences and implement curriculum activities that address specific learning standards, and observe, document and assess children’s progress on these standards. Information about the CT ELDs can be located at the CT Office of Early Childhood website 
www.ct.gov/oec . In addition, best practices as outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework are considered when planning instruction.

Early Learning Standards Domains:

  • ●  Cognition : Making sense of the world, staying with something and working hard to

    solve problems.

  • ●  Social-Emotional Development : Understanding yourself, your feelings and how to

    play with other people.

  • ●  Physical Health and Development : Learning to take care of yourself and to do

    things with your body and hands so that you grow strong and healthy.

  • ●  Language and Literacy : Communicating using your body, language, signs and written


  • ●  Creative Arts : Enjoying music, dance and art and expressing yourself in these


  • ●  Mathematics : Understanding numbers and how to use them, counting,

    patterns, measuring and shapes.

  • ●  Science : Understanding the world around us, including living things, the earth

    and space and energy.

  • ●  Social Studies: Understanding the world and knowing about people in it. This

    starts with knowing about your family, then community and world.


    The preschool classrooms are set up in interest centers to support curricular goals and are designed with each individual child in mind. Areas may include Library/Literacy (books, computer, writing, listening), Dramatic Play, Blocks, Art, Science/Discovery, Sand/Water, Math/Manipulatives, and Music/Movement. These centers offer multiple opportunities for children to explore, discover, learn and grow

    A daily routine is established to create a sense of predictability and order. Opportunities for play that are both teacher and child directed, large and small group, quiet and active, indoor and outdoor with ample transition times are provided to create an ideal preschool learning environment.