8:45-2:45 Monday-Friday

8:45-11:15 AM Monday-Friday


Ms. Dawn Yonush


About Our Classroom

The Special Education-Highly Individualized Program (HI) is a full day  designed to teach children who have moderate to severe delays in social communication, cognitive skills, or motor skills.  They may have difficulty integrating information in a cohesive and flexible manner, or difficulty responding to the social communication and emotional behaviors of others.

The classroom day is longer to allow time to be with non disabled peers  and additional time to follow individual schedules with discrete trial teaching and reinforcement of skills. Children follow visual schedules and are supported through all activities of daily living.

The morning runs like a typical preschool with non disabled peers.  After snack, when the peers leave, students have individual work sessions, and are supported in rotating through activity centers with adult support.  Students may have integrated or multiple sessions of therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language Therapy or School Psychology/behavioral support throughout the week, as determined by their IEPs.